How to get here?

After entering to mexican territory take the exit to the right to Rosarito by means of the “Scenic Road” AKA toll road to Rosarito / Ensenada. That will take you to the road that runs along the international border the huge border wall will be on your right then you will have a beautiful sea view to your right.

As you continue around the curve, the road will straighten out, and you will come to the first and only toll booth you will cross (If you get to the next toll booth you have gone too far). You will be needed to pay a toll fee of $2.00 US dollars more or less (varies depending on exchange rate).

The remaining portion of the Scenic Toll Road is a four lane divided roadway all the way to Ensenada. You will see our exit in approximately 10min from here, on a bridge, it will say REAL DEL MAR with out logo on it, you will take a right and then pass over it, and voila, there it is, beautiful Real del Mar.